Why Bira Beer is becoming the latest fad among youngsters!

By | June 26, 2017

In this scroching heat of summer, there is nothing like a chilled beer and if you are a beerholic,then you must have tried once BIRA Beer. This Indian Brand is making it’s impact on international level and was recently selected as the beer of the month MAY by UN. It meant that beer was served to delegates at the UN for the month of may.
Even sales of Bira are expected to grow to 4x as compared to 3x last year and is in direct competition with kingfisher.

Story behind Bira Beer

Ankur Jain,Founder Of Bira Beer returned to India in 2007 after running a healthcare startup in New York.In an interview with ET he said “My father did not speak to me properly for almost five years when I told him that I was setting up my own beer shop. In hindsight, am glad that he did not speak as that allowed me to do my own thing. Else I would still be a techie and not a disruptor,” he adds, with a sense of cheer.

Bira Beer

He initially started importing a few beers to get a to hold in the sector, having had no prior experience in the liquor business. “By 2014, I realised it was time for us to introduce a brand that resonated with the young urban population of India with key focus areas being taste, flavour and quality,” Jain said.

And 91 in BIRA 91 refers to Indian Telephonic Code!

Why Bira Beer ?

  1. An Artful Idea : With market being dominated by Kingfisher Strong and Haywards, the consumers wanted a different beer with unique taste and in Bira they found what they were looking for.Bira Beer was formally launched in February 2015 as an alternative to the international brews imported to India with a catchy monkey logo and contemporary packaging.
  2. Perfect For Happy Hours : Bira Beer became an instant hit among the urban crowd with sales surging from 150,000 cases in 2015, its launch year, to an anticipated 700,000 cases in 2016. Beer is expensive compared to spirits because alcoholic drinks are taxed by volume in India, however Bira was made available for Rs 90 for 330 ml bottle.

    Bira Beer

    Bira 91,330 mL

  3. Different Varieties : Bira Beer Strong is a “High Intensity Wheat beer” this is the first strong beer based on wheat. This beer is top fermented ale giving the beer a unique and rich taste that is low on bitterness, high on honey and caramel notes.
    At about 7% alcohol by volume, the beer is designed to usher a revolution of taste to the mass market and aims to disrupt the mainstream beer market.

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  4. Expanding and Expanding : Bira Beer is now looking to clock sales of Rs 150 crore this fiscal. Bira 91 is finalising a $25-million (Rs 160 crore) fundraise led by private equity major TPG Growth. This is the craft beer brand’s third financing round. The two-year-old beer startup B9 Beverages, the company behind Bira 91, has in all raised $22 million so far from venture capital fund Sequoia Capital and a set of angels.
  5. A Healthier Option :¬†Bira 91, recently launched one of the first low calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market (90 calories for a 330 ml bottle). According to Jain, said, “Bira Beer Light is the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It is lower than a glass of champagne, much lower than Breezers, wine, or cocktails. Heck, its even lower than a glass of milk or orange juice!”

    Bira Beer

    Lower in calorie than a milk and orange juice!

Cheers To Bira!

Till last year, the company had a brewing unit in Belgium and now Jain has moved the process to their manufacturing unit in Indore. He is also planning on another one in Nagpur.

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