UNIBIC – The Story Behind

By | January 12, 2017

In this new epoch, everyone is experiencing changes in lifestyle. With the rapidly changing lifestyle, there is also a revolution in our taste. Nowadays we become more attracted towards instant foods and thus the demand for baked products increasing at a faster pace. These products may include muffins and cookies and brownies and bread and so on. Whenever we think of cookies at first imported cookies or some popular names comes to our mind. It may be Britannia or Good day or Sunfeast or Oreo etc. Here we are going to portray the story of a company which has owned a brand name in the world of cookies.

UNIBIC a brand, which is heading successfully since 10 years, is of Australian origin. With the thought provoking line “Why have a good day when you can have a great day!” they started their journey and by their delicious and delightful cookies, they have owned the heart of thousands.  Unibic Foods Pvt. Ltd. started in 2004 and its headquarter is situated in Bengaluru.


UNIBIC INDIA Source: Unibicindia.com

It is a joint venture of cookie maker Unibic Australia and Dhruv Deepak Saxena who is a Melbourne-based serial entrepreneur.Hence it is a subsidiary of Unibic Australia Pvt. Ltd. Initially, they set up their business by importing cookies from Australia and by the end of 2005 they set up their manufacturing unit in India. A five-year deal with Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co. to ensure its supply to the Cafe Coffee Day outlets was the first step towards its branding. In addition to it , an investment of 7.5 crores for advertisement in the media also played a significant role.

Nikhil Sen, the Managing Director of UNIBIC believes that they are somewhere in between Britannia’s good day and the expensive cookies. He has 20 years of experience as Chief Operating Officer in Britannia till 2005. After that, turn over concentrated on popularizing the Australian based brand Unibic in India to bring about changes in the sector. By the financial year 2013 the reached up to 100 crores of revenue and it seems that they had a turnover through the years.

Nikhil Sen, MD

Nikhil Sen, MD

They have a very high team spirit and efficient employees. They believe in creating futures by working hard for it in a fruitful way. Everybody is passionate about their work and they are more centered to the “we can and we will” attitude. They consistently focus on enhancing the entrepreneurial skill of their workers . So that they will be able to compete in the global race by taking advantage of every single chance . They are on the way to prove themselves as leading cookies maker.


There are a wide variety of cookies ranging from the sense of chocolate to the dry fruit embedded crunchy and delighted cookies to sugar-free cookies to oatmeal cookies. They have developed over 20 varieties to give a blast to your taste buds. At first, they started with two flavors Anzac Oatmeal Cookies and Bradman Chocochip Cookies. Now they are touching every taste of India as per the need.

They have many options to export the cookies outside India and they also have a wide market in India. They export to countries like UK, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and many more. In India, it is more famous in southern part of India. However, they have other branches in various parts of India like northern east region and other states like W.B and Delhi and Maharastra. Most of the consumers in India go for biscuits pricing between 10 to 100. So Unibic set its strategy to acquire the position in between so that it can touch every Indian heart. It has the eligibility certificate for exporting cookies to outside India. This access is granted by British Retail Consortium.


The biscuit survey in India shows that Glucose biscuit has 26-27% share and milk biscuit has 5-6% share. But in this present time the cookies share is growing in India by 25-30%.  The major brand played by ITC, Parle, Britannia. But Unibic is gradually stepping into this race by introducing its large variety cookies. By 2010 its turnover was 60 crores which is a remarkable progress seen by the company. The biscuit market in India account for 10,000 crore but cookies market account for 750 crores.



In order to grab a major part of the market, it is paying attention to nutritious and healthy biscuits. Unibic has launched chyawanprash cookies with all the wellness of chyawanprash and is good for health. Bangalore factory manufactures these cookies and distributes all over India. It has the license from Department of Ayush, Government of India to use chyawanprash as an ingredient. Unibic has tried its best to keep the balance between the essence of chyawanprash and the taste. There is a perfect blend of flavor and taste in these cookies. The chyawanprash is sourced from Sri Sri Ayurveda in Bangalore.

By going through the history of Unibic, we can see that it is witnessing success from 2004. It has owned a brand name in the world of cookies and is growing rapidly by beating other brands. Its business strategy to introduce varieties of cookies to the market and its concern towards health aspects of people prove it to be a leading cookies manufacturer. It also sells the cookies at a reasonable price which makes it a preferable brand among people.




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