Trends From Coffee Industry : Coffee Trends 2018

By | March 26, 2018

Coffee has acquired a remarkable and distinctive place around the globe.  A lot of innovation and creativity has come up in the methods of preparation, consumption, and flavors of coffee. It has so much more to offer and has evolved from being a beverage to an experience!
Trends in coffee have come up rapidly and are noteworthy. The coffee culture is on the move. Do check out some of the Coffee Trends 2018, to blow your mind!

Coffee Trends 2018

Coffee Trends 2018 |


1.Shake it with the “Coffee Cocktail”

Coffee Cocktails
are on the rise this year. Thanks to the desire of the consumers to socialize and discover a new palette of flavors, they are absolutely going to be a major hit. Such vibrant combinations of flavors are indeed unique and cater to specific taste but these innovative cocktail recipes are a must to try.

Coffee Trends 2018

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2.Blow your mind with “Nitro Coffee”

It’s the one mind-blowing coffee trend you’ll absolutely adore. Basically, Nitro Coffee is coffee infused with nitrogen gas, which provides it a frothy and creamy taste which will provide your palate with an absolute bliss. They are often sold in cans and ready to have on the go.

Coffee Trends 2018

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3.Rainbow latte

They are gaining momentum at a really faster rate. They are highly photogenic because of those beautiful and vibrant use of colors that makes it impossible for the consumer not to “Instagram” it. It has evolved out of pure love and passion for coffee, not just as a beverage but as a work of art. Don’t forget to try your own colorful cup of latte.

Coffee Trends 2018

Rainbow Latte | Image Source –

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4.Scrumptious Coffee Cone

Yes, you heard it right. You can now enjoy your favorite coffee in a cone. It sounds a bit impractical but there are special cones for it. They don’t fall apart when hot coffee is poured. Isn’t it surprising? Of Course, the cone is bound to become soggy, so make sure you have your coffee in 5 min tops.

Coffee Trends 2018

Coffee Cones | Image Source –

5.Cold Brew Coffee | Coffee Trends 2018

This type of coffee is not your regular iced or cold coffee. It’s prepared by steeping the coarsely grounded coffee in cold water for about 12-24hrs. Afterward, it is filtered out and you get a smooth, premium quality concentrate. It can be enjoyed over ice. It’s a bit mellower on taste and less acidic on the gut due to the steeping process. You might want to dilute the concentrate a bit if you like subtle coffee flavor.

Coffee Trends 2018

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6.Super Coffee

Health conscious people are limited to smoothies and fresh juices. It takes a lot of efforts to prepare them in the morning when you have to rush for office. Well, Super Coffee is to the rescue. Now your morning coffee is loaded with protein powder, maca, spices and even collagen powder. A must try for fitness freaks.

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7.Have it from the “Bowl”

“Cafe au lait”, French for “coffee with milk” has become popular among the young generation to drink it from a bowl. It’s the presentation that attracts them. Many of the bowls have unique and beautiful decorations on them, making them a must to post on their Instagram.

Coffee Trends 2018

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