Tips For GATE Food Technology 2018

By | January 29, 2017

Well, It’s almost around 12 months left for GATE 2018 and you must be wondering how should one prepare and what subjects to choose? We are here to give tips for gate food technology!
If yes, then follow the link to clear all your doubts. If still something is left, leave a comment we will soon try to figure it out.



WE assume that you have become sincere and much more disciplined in past 3 years of college. Following months will be having chaos of campus placement, final year project submission and some corner of your heart will shout let’s make my CGPA better also. So be prepared for all these situations and any planning or strategy will not be executed to your potential level.

1.Do not just plan; develop habits. Habits will reduce your silly mistakes and will land you to 40 marks at least.

2.Previous year question banks solution can help you a lot while memorizing the things.

3.Handbooks/short notes are the things of the last couple of months.Similarly test series are the thing of last four months.


  1. Take the print out of syllabus and paste it somewhere you can see it before sleep and after waking up so that you can feel it.
  2. Start with the topics that are common with your college syllabus.
  3. Follow this pattern:
    Feb – Aug: Focus on clearing the basic understanding of the concept that are linked with the syllabus.Unnecessary, topics won’t help. Stick to syllabus provided.
    Sept – Dec: Start solving the previous year question papers and start solving the books mentioned below.Solve an exam atleast 4-5 times.
    Dec/Jan: Revise with your notes and further you can give test series online anywhere.


  1. Food Microbiology– Fraizer (Food Microbiology (English) 5th Edition – Buy Food Microbiology (English) 5th Edition Online at Best Prices in India – is the go to book for food microbiology for any post grad paper. Cram it up ! It will not disappoint you.
  2. Food Engineering– Introduction to food process Engineering by P.G. Smith
  3. Dairy TechnologyHandbook of Milk Processing, Dairy Products and Packaging Technology (English) – Buy Handbook of Milk Processing, Dairy Products and Packaging Technology (English) by EIRI Board Online at Best Prices in India –
  4. Objective Food Science: You will find all the previous year question papers.
  5. Other books- Food Science, 5/e PB (English) 5th Edition – Buy Food Science, 5/e PB (English) 5th Edition by Potter N N Online at Best Prices in India – , OUTLINES OF DAIRY TECHNOLOGY (English) 1st Edition – Buy OUTLINES OF DAIRY TECHNOLOGY (English) 1st Edition by De , Sukumar Online at Best Prices in India –
  6. Other study material- We would strongly suggest you study these notes from ANGRAU food technology website. Their study material in most of the food technology topics is excellent and to the point. You can download the pdfs from this link- ACHARYA N G RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY ::

All The Best!


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    You guys are doing awesome Job.
    You’re clearing every food technologists doubts day by day.
    Could you make one article for “What jobs freshers of Btech food technology would get?” And Why the salary package is so less. And What sort of companies should we approach for freshers job. What topics we should be thorough in the aspect of interview.
    It would be useful for many.

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