Want To Reduce Food Wastage? Check Out These Startups

By | November 9, 2016

The population is increasing to an alarming rate, but the resources are limited. People are dying of starvation but zilch is what government offers in reality.
Did you know, 3rd of the food produced in the world goes to landfills(food wastage), i.e. approximately 1.3 billion tonnes? Moreover, almost 1 billion people have nothing to feed on. As a matter of fact, it’s the need of the hour, to reduce, reuse and redistribute.
Witnessing the current scenario, these startups have stood up and has contributed their innovative ideas nurtured with technology.
Let it be cloud computing or solar powered fridge, these high impact food waste reducing leaders are disruptive innovators.

1. ColdHubs– Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria:

45% of food spoils mainly due to lack of cold storage. As well as 470 Million small farmers lose 25% of their annual income. So to overcome such problem, solar-powered cold storage are build in Africa, Latin American, and Southeast Asia. Cooling the food, slows down the viability of microbes. Thereby increases the shelf life of the produce.
Their innovation is a “plug and play” modular. Coupled with solar-powered walk-in cold room they have 24/7 off grid storage and preservation of perishable foods.

2. Foodcloud– Dublin, Ireland:

Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien, a young pair of Irish entrepreneurs believed the redistribution of surplus food can tackle the problem of food wastage. Their idea is to supply the food that would otherwise be discarded into the hands of the people who need it.
Seeing the large sum of food wasted, they came up with Foodcloud. Foodcloud is a company that uses technology to link retailers holding excess food with charities. With an app and a website, the involved enterprises can display their food surplus and the nearby charities in need of food would receive the message.

3. California Safe Soil – West Sacramento, CA, USA:

They provide a unique full cycle process that assists the supermarket customers to recycle their organic matter, reduce costs and improve storage hygiene. Helping the agriculture customers, they save money, reduce nitrate runoff and increase crop produce. They provide a safe, high volume, low cost and high-quality liquid fertilisers, Harvest to Harvest. Keeping the environment safe, they employ safe, effective and efficient solutions to meet customer’s needs.

4. Takestock – United Kingdom:

Many companies deal with a problem of unwanted stock in one location when required somewhere else. Takestock.com is an eCommerce platform giving a substantial medium to owners of stocks. Owners can sell their spare items and seek a buyer rather than turning the stock into scrap. Furthermore, they focus on trading and helping the stock to cash. Initially, set up by 4 founders with a wide range of experience across multiple tech& food their message is unacceptable food wastage.

5. Spoiler Alert – Boston, Ma, USA:

MIT Sloan Business School Students came up with this online platform that’s a perfect place for food donations, discounted food sales and waste recovery opportunities.
They are currently available amid Massachusetts and greater New England area.

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