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By | September 27, 2017

It is the ultimate indulgence for the Instagram age, offering the traditional sweet hit of chocolate combined with the rush of a foodstuff that “pops” on camera and matching the colour of lurid yoga leggings. Invented by World’s largest Cocoa Producer company, Barry Callebaut after 13 years of thorough research and development, they gave the world the 4th type of Chocolate, Ruby chocolate.

Ruby Chocolate

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After 3 types, White,milk,dark chocolates these “ruby” beans are grown in the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil, and Boone confirmed they were entirely natural and not genetically modified. “We don’t add flavourings, we don’t add colouring, or additives: it’s purely coming out of this bean, and its all natural,” he said. “It’s a dedication to years of research into the artisanal processes of making chocolate. But it was also luck that we found this potential in the bean 13 years ago.”

The new product may also appeal to Chinese consumers, a nascent market for chocolate, De Saint-Affrique said. The company has tested the product in the U.K., U.S., China and Japan through independent consumer research carried out by Haystack and Ipsos.

“We had very good response in the key countries where we tested, but we’ve also had very good response in China, which for chocolate is quite unusual,” he said, adding the color is attractive in that market.

Ruby Chocolate

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Sarah Phillips, who runs one of the most popular food-related Instagram accounts, predicted that pink chocolate would become an instant craze when it arrived. It will be a blissful experience for all the food bloggers out there. She said, however, its popularity depended on how the rose chocolate performed technically for melting, tempering, moulding and chocolate work.

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“It’s fun, it looks beautiful and I think it will be a big hit,” said Phillips. “There’s a real appetite for colourful foods now, everybody’s into rainbow smoothies and cakes on Instagram and all the brightly coloured smoothies and Buddha bowls that look like paintings. It’s a huge trend that’s only been getting bigger over this year.

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It is expected that the ruby chocolate will hit the shelfesin UK market in next 6 months.

Ruby chocolate is very much a marketing term, Mr. Ramsey said, adding that the final product, which he has not yet tasted, might be genuinely interesting. “Unless and until Barry Callebaut are a little more open about what it actually is, it’s very difficult to judge.”

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