Rail Neer is now the most trusted packaged drinking water brand in India

By | November 3, 2016

Rail Neer is a common word which comes to our mind when we think of water in a train. Now it is going to be the only water bottle which will be available in platforms and stations . The Supreme Court allowed The Indian Railway  to sell only Rail Neer brand water in trains and in platforms . As per the petition by Indian Railways Caterers Association , a bench of Justices Ranjan Gogoi and P C Pant granted  Rail Neer as only selling water bottles.

The caterers also arose questions on the monotony of  The Indian Railway to sell only Rail Neer . They are doing so in order to make more and more profit . On another hand, they are killing other small-scale manufacturers from selling their water bottles. It seems like a great objection to” Make in India” scheme .  “Once you have walked into the contract knowing full well that you have to sell only ‘Rail Neer’, you cannot go back on the contract,” the bench said.

Rail Neer

Rail Neer bottles

There were also objections filed in Bombay High Court regarding its sale . The court wanted to know why a customer will go for only one brand in case of the water bottle . They are not imposing such rule on food , then why so water bottle.

A commuter Lopesh Vora in his petition claimed that any passenger has the right to buy and consume water of their own choice . Rail Neer water bottle is available only in a one-litre  package and no half liter bottle is available . It mandates the buyer to purchase a one-litre bottle. Also, the buyer is ignorant of the quality of water.

By going through the data provided on Rail Neer we come to know about some other consequences.

IRCTC is the manufacturer of Rail Neer.It strictly follows the rules and regulations of  Corporate Food Safety Management System(FSMS) .  Two laboratory test report by government laboratory on the purity of its water shows it is safe to consume . It follows the latest technology to store and packs the water bottles . It follows 8 purifying steps and it satisfies the quality standards set by BIS standard IS 14543-2004 . This is in favor of public health .

There are two manufacturing units at Nangloi and Danapur which are able to meet the demand only by less than 5% . The third factory is at Palur which takes care of the requirement from the south zone i.e. from Chennai and Bengaluru. A factory is also there at Ambernath to meet the demand for the western zone . It is on the way to establish more factories on its own and also planning to establish some of those on PPP model . It aims at delivering water bottles in all trains running throughout India as a no.1 package drinking water supplier .So there is no doubt on the supply of water bottles .

Rail Neer is now going to be the most prevailing water bottle in trains and stations as per the order of Supreme Court .

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