Pepsi Is To Bring Down The Sugar Level In Its Soft Drinks

By | November 5, 2016

PepsiCo, a multinational company . Primarily it produces beverages and snacks items. However,when we hear PepsiCo at first Pepsi comes to our mind . Our mind keeps on playing that common punch line ” Live for now…Change the game”. Mainly it constitutes water with infusions of CO2 and high fructose corn syrup. It also contains sugars and caffeine which is a central nervous system stimulant and restores the alertness of body .



But now there is an emerging question on the sugar content of these drinks. Many test results are showing that the amount of sugar present in it is not safe from public health point of view. So the company is now showing more concerns about reducing the sugar content. Soon it is to announce its plans to reduce the sugar, sodium and saturated fats. They have set the target for fulfilling it by 2025. They are going to implement their plan all over the world and they are also concerned about the climatic variations and health consequences such as obesity.

The recent study shows that 40% of the drink has 100 calories or fewer per 12 oz serving and they have set a target to reduce the calories below 100 by 2025 . The new guideline of World Health Organisations(WHO) is the driving factor for these revolutions in the product . The consumers  nowadays are becoming very health conscious and to take care of their needs such upgradations are also needed .

To meet the requirements of their customer they are coming up with drinks having low or zero calories. In addition, they are also focusing on reformulating the existing drinks through processing. Keeping these things in mind they have also almost banned the use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame. These artificial sweeteners may lead to obesity and diabetes.


Diet Pepsi

PepsiCo says the new global target needs more attention than the previously made target of reducing the sugar level by 25% by 2020.
PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi  “To succeed in today’s  changing world, corporations must do three things . Focus on delivering strong financial performance, do it in a way that is sustainable over time and is responsive to the needs of society. Our new goals are designed to build on our progress and broaden our efforts.’’

According to the chief scientist Mehmood Khan of R&D department, the science is evolving. We should not only think of sweeteners because there are many flavor aspects which may also have an impact on it. By having ample of knowledge about them we will be able to find out the best alternative.

PepsiCo also promises to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by 20% by 2030. It seems like the company is showing its concerns towards the environment and public health as well. They have a target of raising the water efficiency and providing them to water stressed agricultural land. These considerations will be very helpful for the sustainability in the market.

Pepsico has an annual turnover of $63 billion . It generates 12% of its revenue from the cola-flavoured drinks and 25% from carbonated drinks . The rest comes from other products like juices( Tropicana) and snacks and dips like hummus , guacamole.

So more and more salubrious and diversified products are expected from the company . And we hope that we will enjoy the taste and flavor with minimal health impacts .

Reference :
PepsiCo Sets a Global Target to Reduce Sugar in Its Soft Drinks

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