OMG Is For Oh My Ganna – The New Age Sugarcane Juice!

By | February 26, 2018

Remember those hot summer days when, the scorching heat of the sun would make you lose all your energy? That was the time when a glass full of Sugarcane juice would come to the rescue. Loaded with freshness, having that zingy flavour of ginger and cooling flavour of mint would always make us want more and more. We always wished we could take it home and let our loved ones too cherish the goodness of the juice, but all of this seemed just a dream, until now! Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd. brings to you Oh My Ganna (OMG!) your favourite thirst quencher, bottled with a non-refrigerated shelf life of three months, with all its natural flavours intact.

Oh My Ganna

Oh My Ganna |

The Eureka Moment | Oh My Ganna

Nutricane Beverages Pvt. Ltd. was conceptualised in 2014 when the Co-Founders, Dipin Kapur, Sachin Goel and Neeraj Jalan stumbled upon the unforgettable taste of a glass of juice they had, while on a road trip. But the unforgettable taste came in with a caution note; it spoils way too quickly to be taken home. This accidentally turned out to be a eureka moment for them, wondering why Sugarcane juice had never been hygienically extracted and packaged to last longer until now.

Sachin Goel shared “We were surprised that none of the established or start-up players in the juice category had ever managed packaging sugarcane juice with an extended non-refrigerated shelf life to be consumed as an anytime drink.”

They then decided to endeavour on the path of exploring different kinds of challenges and opportunities, which could potentially lead to the creation a new category of juices.

What’s the FreshFusion Process?

After three long years of intense RnD, hard work and endless amounts of tastings, they developed their patent pending proprietary process which they call it the FreshFusion Process.

Oh My Ganna

FreshFusion Process | Source – | Oh My Ganna

This process lets OMG! offer their product with more than 80% of natural juice content and a non-refrigerated shelf life of three months without the addition of any chemical preservatives, helping them maintain the nutritional values and natural flavour of sugarcane juice.

Dipin Kapur said “Thanks to our indigenously-developed technology, which has taken its inspiration from Make in India, we are able to offer India’s own real flavour in the most hygienic and refreshing form,”

How it reaches YOU!

They procure freshest sugarcanes from all over the country to give their product a head start in terms of quality and freshness. The production is conducted at a centralised facility so as to have a complete control over the process and they are able to deliver great taste.

  • The sugarcanes procured, are carefully sorted and graded to have a long-lasting base of the product.
  • Next they undergo washing and scrubbing to remove all the mud and other impurities. This whole process is done under ultra-hygienic environment to keep the natural flavour of the canes intact.
  • Next is the juice extraction step. The juice is extracted from the sugarcanes that are about one foot long.
  • The FreshFusion Process has the role of preserving the multiple nutritional contents that a sugar cane contains, making it last longer.
  • No chemical preservatives are incorporated into the extracted juice. Only a few Natural Preservatives (Class 1) and food additives which are commonly found in household kitchens are used.
  • The juice is next filtered and clarified for an uninterrupted sense of pleasure and to achieve the set quality standards of the product.
  • Bottling and packing comes as essential step in terms of delivering fresh, healthy nutrient rich juice to the customers. The juice is then filled in glass bottles having a capacity of 250ml, to maintain the purity of the juice content.
  • Exemplary transportation services, loading and cooling of the bottles ensures that it reaches the nearby supermarket having the same unforgettable taste as any other street side sugarcane juice would provide.

OMG! Is an exemplar: Identifying the gap and thereby an opportunity in the market

Many small and large players in the beverage sector have tried venturing into selling sugarcane juice commercially, with limited or no success. Sugarcane juice being a strenuous product to work with, and many companies focusing on the development of a few products simultaneously, it becomes financially impracticable for them to continue investing resources to research on sugarcane juice.

Oh My Ganna

Drink OMG | Oh My Ganna | Source

Sachin Goel commented “While there are some products out in the market, none of them (what-so-ever being packaged) is without any chemical preservatives giving a shelf-life of 3 months, containing over 80% natural sugarcane juice. We have evaluated all the products available in the country and even internationally, and with absolute confidence, we can say that OMG! is the closest to real sugarcane juice available through street vendors. Through OMG! we want to deliver our nostalgic memories of sugarcane juice in an innovative form while keeping the essence intact.”

Gain health with cane!

  • Not only a thirst quencher, but also rejuvenates and revitalizes the body.
  • Being alkaline in nature, helps in maintaining electrolyte balance. Also curing acidity.
  • Sugarcane contains nil amounts of fat and only natural sugar. Hence an instant energy booster.
  • Aids the functioning of liver in diseases like jaundice.
  • Acts as a digestive tonic with potassium helping in balance pH levels and secretion of digestive juices in the stomach.
  • Aids weight loss, by reducing the bad cholesterol in the body which facilitates weight gain.
  • Loaded naturally with antioxidants, helps in detoxification of the body.

Why OMG! | Oh My Ganna

  • They offer a bottle full of fresh, hygienic and nutritious Sugarcane juice.
  • It has three long months of sustained goodness and purity. The taste however stays intact and fresh during its storage period.
  • Comes in two lip-smacking flavours; Ginger Groove and Cumin Crush, available at a price of Rs. 40 each.
  • Acts as a nutrient booster, being a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C.
  • Having a low Glycemic Index (GI) due to the presence of only natural sugars, makes it completely safe for consumption by type 1 and borderline diabetic patients, in moderate amounts.
  • Low on calorie (48.96 kcal/100 ml) as compared to other fruit juices and aerated drinks.
  • A beverage that meets strict quality standards of FSSAI.
  • Contains no added chemical preservatives and sugars.
  • The bottle of juice is made up of glass, which is 100% recyclable.

Hence everything is so natural about a bottle of OMG!