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By | September 9, 2016

In Preschool we were taught about milk produced by animals(cows mostly). I guess the course book is to be modified now that an emerging startup ‘Perfect Day‘ has crafted a new dairy product- Animal free milk which makes a good milk alternatives But how?

milk alternatives

Perfect Day- Animal-free Milk     Source——>@fortune.com

This new concept is all about 3D printing and cellular agriculture. In layman’s terms Perfect Day, the brainchild of California-based biomedical scientists Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi has used one of the ancient techniques used to craft brewing- FERMENTATION. Using yeast and age-old fermentation techniques, they make the very same milk proteins that cows make.

milk alternatives

Perumal Gandhi & Ryan Pandya: founders, Perfect Days Foods                  Source—–>3ders.org

Science behind animal free milk:

3D printed bovine DNA sequence is added to the yeast with a special mix of plant-based sugars, fats, and minerals to make a totally new kind of dairy milk without chemicals, hormones, lactose, or other stuff. They simply obtained a strain of yeast which they call “Buttercup” from USDA. Using 3D printer the yeast strain is instructed to produce proteins found in Milk: Casein, lactoglobulin and lactalbumin and mixed with corn sugar and left for development.

Birth of this unique idea:

But how did they come up with this billion dollar idea? In an interview, Gandhi, was trying to get off on meat and dairy for sustainability and animal welfare reasons, but he desperately missed pizza. Pandya, was experimenting with veganism but one incident hustled him, his awful experience with dairy-free cream cheese provoked his love for cheese.
Their love and passion for cheese got them close, working together they formed a clandestine company. Perfect day raised $4 million from investors including Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing’s Horizon Ventures.

Peculiar Protein Milk:

What’s more unique about this cow-less milk is it would also appeal to those who avoid dairy for physiological reasons. Many people, even those who are not actually lactose intolerant, find that milk upsets their stomach. However, scientists have found that this irritation comes mostly from A1 protein in milk, with A2 protein unlikely to cause such effects. This discovery led to the creation of A2 Milk, a special milk variety, free of A1 protein, that has about 10% market share in Australia. Perfect Day milk will also contain only A2 protein. The strategy does not come without its risks.

Perfect day, formerly called Muufri wants to create a greener-cleaner world where people could enjoy dairy products with zero compromise. Aiming to offer best alternative of cow’s milk, it would be only totally vegan, totally lactose-free, and which produces up to 84% less carbon. Unlike other plant-based milk substitutes: soya milk, almond milk, this animal-free milk can be consumed by all.

The upcoming advancement in food technology has led people in a dilemma of better or worst, consumers, even as they look for food that is better for the environment and for livestock, are wary of technology anywhere near their food. The debate over genetically modified organisms is an obvious example of that anxiety.

Future Plans:

The company could also run into challenges as it determines how to best label itself. Perfect Day says it has been in ongoing talks with the FDA, most recently meeting with the agency in July. Since its form of milk has no standard of identity—the ingredients required in a product by regulators—the company says it will “have to work closely with the FDA.”

Gandhi and Pandya are trying to head off any concerns from consumers by being upfront about the how they produce their animal-free dairy milk and likening it to the familiar, inoffensive process of brewing beer. “We are taking really established age-old technology and doing something new with it,” Pandya says.

Perfect Day is hoping to have its animal-free milk in grocery stores by late 2017, with a price similar to that of cow’s milk.

Here is a visual depiction of the development of Animal Free Milk | Milk alternatives See the video below,

  Milk alternatives-Future Of Dairy

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