Making Career As A Coffee Taster

By | July 11, 2017

Remember that test we all had to take back in school that was supposed to let you know what job you might be well suited for one day? World is full of coolest jobs, what you need to do is – just to find one and grab that before anyone does.So if you are interested or in love with coffee,then this is for you.
This article would be primarily throwing light on Making career as a coffee taster.

Making career as a coffee taster

Career As A Coffee Taster

Who is a Coffee taster?

A person who get paid to drink coffee all day? Sign me up! Well, there is much more to it than that.

Career As A Coffee Taster

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A professional coffee taster, or cupper, must possess a number of skills:

  • The ability to assess coffee quality objectively
  • Identify, evaluate and articulate the attributes of the coffee
  • Detect any defects in the coffee
  • Communicate coffee characteristics using accepted industry terminology

A professional coffee taster is able to rate and describe the coffee they are tasting through a method that enables them to compare a variety of coffee samples side by side. For an example of a professional cupping process, see this list of formal cupping instructions  from

Coffee tasters perform a very important role within the specialty coffee industry. Their services fill the gap between the coffee growers expectations and the buyers demands. The ratings and descriptions from an objective coffee taster allow both parties to communicate and work together in the industry.

Career In Coffee Tasting

Coffee Tasting career is a comparatively new career option in India but it has good scope if you have a natural love for coffee and want to equip yourself with the nuances of coffee making and tastes of coffee. As a coffee taster, you can work with any company dealing with coffee and coffee processed products or can start our Coffee Roasting cafe.

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How To Become A Coffee Taster In India?

Indian Coffee Board offers a unique course for graduate students in this coffee tasting field. The aim of this course is to create trained personal with special aptitude and skills. A well accepted quality world over, Coffee quality testing/evaluation will now be a standard practice in Indian Coffee industry.

Career As A Coffee Taster

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Course Name : Postgraduate Diploma in Coffee quality management (PGDCQM)

Duration : 12-month programme with three trimesters conducted in English.

Eligibility : Aspirants must have a bachelor’s degree with at least one of the subjects namely botany, zoology, chemistry, biotechnology, bioscience, food technology, food science, environmental science or a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences.

Course Fee : Rs 250000

Selection Criteria : Selection by committee based on academic record, personal interview and sensory evaluation test.

Batch Size : 12 students/year

Procedure: Application forms can be downloaded from our website or collected personally from Coffee
Board, Bangalore. Filled in application form along with a demand draft for Rs.500/- payable to “Coffee
Board IEBR Account” and a self-addressed envelope (9” x 6”) should reach to the address given below by 14th August 2017

Important Dates :

  1. Last day for submitting applications: 14th August 2017
  2. Date of Interview and selection: 30th August 2017

For more details, visit their official website –

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