Interesting energy drinks facts!

By | April 16, 2018

Energy drinks are a kind of beverage that provides the body with a boost of energy. Due to this, it has created a new craze among the students and gaining popularity amidst sports people. As it turns out, most of that “energy” comes from two main ingredients: sugar and caffeine. Recent studies show that these ingredients are doing worse than expected to our bodies.  Have a look at some of the interesting energy drinks facts.

Energy Drinks Facts

Energy Drinks Facts |

Following are some Energy Drinks Facts:

1.Energy drinks are marketed to lure kids and teens

According to a recent study, marketers have a special focus on TV channels for teens and kids. New cool flavors, attractive packaging easily attracts kids and many marketing suggestions could even lead to binge drinking. It usually becomes a “cool” thing among teens.

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With regular consumption of caffeine, most of become quite addicted to it. We really cannot start our day without a cup of tea or coffee and crave for it subsequently. Well, energy drinks are loaded with it. Some are also concerned what that high-caffeine content will do in the mix of other ingredients. One study even suggests kids who drink energy drinks are 66 percent more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity or other attention problems.

3.Caffeine Fraud

After drinking an energy drink, athletes or even we feel a sudden boost of energy as if we have more strength and power, but that’s really caffeine fraud. High levels of caffeine provide the edge. The other ingredients in energy drinks provide no more energy. Instead, it leaves behind insomnia, nervousness, and hyperactivity. For athletes a level of stimulation in the hours following the competition, and, in the long run, that could sabotage their athletic performance.

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4.Ruins the heart

The sole purpose of these energy drinks is to provide a sudden boost of energy. That is why they are consumed by athletes. Energy drinks offer a popular choice for exercise. Amidst a lot of reasons for energy drinks being evil, but this one takes the first prize.  When people are out at a club, they tend to drink them one after another without even burning it. Not only could this lead to caffeine intoxication, but recent research hints at possible heart problems.

Therefore one should consume such drinks if one can judiciously spend the amount of “energy” it offers.