Innovative FMCG Products revolutionising Indian Market

By | November 9, 2016

Does it happen to you? You go to the store buying something else and get different things instead. In a mall, you see variant food and drinks, yet you choose the one which appeals you the most. In the first place, you go by the packaging, the colors, and the design without even giving a thought for taste or texture or the nutrient content.


The answer is innovative packaging. Now everyone loves pretty things right? Sharp colors, unique designs, novel slogans for the same product constitutes to innovative packaging. Many of products but why that single product, maybe it’s nostalgia or the great fusion, the idea plays a damn role too, and what about classy designs, this is what makes that single product your priority to buy.
People get bored of same old things, henceforth carve for twists and turns. Now who likes monotony?
Though India doesn’t believe in innovative packaging much, yet these companies are making changes in the way people perceive things
Let’s go check out some FMCG brands revolutionizing Indian market:

1. Tata Tea Fusion (Tata Global Beverages)


Tata Tea fusion Source—->FoodBev

Tata tea has rules leaf, dust and green tea market for quite a while. And now they have come up with some lip-smacking premium black tea through Fusion. With this golden opportunity, tea lovers can prepare and enjoy their tea the way they want. Unique customized brew is now created by blending Superior Assam Tea with taste enhancers – Kenyan tea and Green Tea consumers.

With prominence dual-pouched innovative pack and jar, Tata Tea Fusion is available in two variants – Superior Assam & Green Tea and Superior Assam & Kenyan Tea. The exclusive compartmentalized packaging with its innovative dual storage facility can store two different types of tea in a single pack, preserving the freshness of each. This everyday delight is proficient enough to create that perfect cup of steaming goodness.

2.Ethnic Drink Brand Paper Boat (Hector Beverages)


Paper Boat Drinks Source—->@VCCircle

Your first craft lesson, that first rain when you were allowed to go out. And that first sense of accomplishment. Or that first sense of loss as it drowned. Your first life lesson about staying afloat in harsh circumstances with the first science lesson about buoyancy. This is what Paper boat implies.

Standee pouches offering natural, simple and unadulterated drinks with a paper temperament. It brings down certain nostalgia in a contemporary and accessible format. Moreover, their flex pouch gives the feeling of squeezing a fruit. Flat colors, simple shapes, and a pack language reminiscent of the childhood landscape, which the brand is all about: childhood memories.

3.SPRIG:Gourmet food ingredients (Synthite Industries Limited)


SPRIG Source—-@Sprig

Looking for the finest vanilla beans from Madagascar, cinnamon sticks from Sri Lanka? Or herb infused olive oils from Greece? Or the world’s finest black pepper grown closer home in Tellicherry?
Why search out everywhere when all you have to do is just look up SPRIG.

Synthite understands spices and has mastered flavors. Well, they know how to get the best from nature. In fact, with SPRIG, they intend to add a pinch of nature to gourmet cooking. With a range of natural vanilla extracts, world’s best whole spices, seasonings, sauces, olive oils, natural colors and more. They are grasping their old relationships and escalating new ones to ensure that the world’s best gourmet products bear the name SPRIG.

With the in-house product design team, they collaborated with an external agency to integrate the graphic design and label development to complete the product packaging. Spices stored in canisters has modified the idea of transparent containers and plastic bags. What’s interesting about the aluminum canisters is, the product cannot be put away without capping. The product will stand vertically only on its capped end, indeed what a unique idea serving for memory aid.

4.Mother’s Recipe Pickle in Day Pack(Desai Brothers Ltd)


Mother’s Recipe Pickle Source—-@India Retailing

For convenience and increasing product’s shelf life, Mother’s recipe has come up with a day-pack. Now pickles are preserved in glass jars, but in plastic packs, that’s something novel. A three-layer laminated film( Polyester, metalized polyester and polyethylene) makes a standee pouch. Teamed with creative agency Triton Communication, Mumbai the company conceptualized the idea and the packaging.
Manufactured in such a way that it reduces carbon footprint and develop a pack design that is economical as well as easy to transport.

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