Right Way To Reuse Frying Oil – Extend Shelf Life Of Frying Oil

By | March 23, 2018

Who does not love chips or doughnuts or french fries or onion rings? Indeed, everyone savours these crisp delicacies with tender, juicy inside. Frying, deep or shallow imparts various sensory upgrades in food and adds value to it. But, frying is tricky, it enhances the sensory qualities only when the food is dipped in fresh oil. Nobody loves black, rancid oil. Nevertheless it is a common household practice to re-use the cooking oil/grease, it can impose serious health and wellness hazards.This may be the right way to reuse frying oil.

Though in commercial kitchens of various big restaurants and food chains, deep fryers are regularly filtered and strained to remove the burned food particles and to control the rancidity, they are not 100% efficient and acts as a laborious work.
So a team from Louisville, Kentucky, USA came up with an Eco-friendly solution to this everyday household problem. They came up with the easiest frying oil purification solution: Freshfry Pods.

Fresh Fry Pods – Best Way To Reuse Frying Oil | Discoverfoodtech.com

Idea Generation:

FreshFry’s innovation is a pod that helps to extend the life of frying oil by extracting impurities generated through the frying process. It is the brainchild of Jeremiah Chapman. In 2014, he discovered a way to restore used frying oil in a safer, easier and more cost-effective way. Further, he teamed up with Jacob Huff to create an innovative product that could change the face of fast food.

Reuse Frying Oil

Extend Shelf Life Of Frying Oil | FreshFry | Image Source-www.99designs.com

The idea incubated through many nights at the dinner table where the two battled through the strenuous program at the University of Louisville’s JB Speed School of Engineering.

What is a Fresh Fry Pod?

The FreshFry Pod is an easy and safe solution to extend the shelf life of your frying oil as all its constituents are plant-based.  The Pod works by capturing and removing the impurities that make the oil seem dark, smoke and the taste bitter within a night. FreshFry Pods ease the complexity of filtering oil systems. The pods are environment-friendly.

Reuse Frying Oil

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Precautions and settings for usage:

The pod is made of the proprietary mix of plant-based material which is food safe and sustainable. To get the best results, 1 Pod per fryer must be used on a daily basis. Place the pod in the fryer basket for easy retrieval and draining and drop in the oil. As, the capacity of one pod is a 70-pound fryer, therefore for a bigger fryer use 2 pods at a time. The Pods are of one-time use and then can be safely thrown in the trash.

The Pod acts as a magnet and attracts the dissolved impurities that build up in the oil. It remove impurities on a regular basis to replenish higher quality oil. Take measures and do not open the pods but place in the fryer basket right after turning it off for the night and let it soak.

The precautions are to be taken to keep the Pods dry and away from any chemicals. They do not have any harmful effects on food, but it is better to not to use the pod while cooking as it lessens the effect of oil as the whole.

The journey of FreshFry | Reuse Frying Oil

The Louisville manufacturing startup started distributing its product through Louisville-based food wholesaler Creation Gardens, and the company is testing its product in various places around the United States and in Europe, including restaurants whose parent companies record billions in revenue annually, according to FreshFry.

Reuse Frying Oil

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Major customers of FreshFry are Hot Hattie B’s chicken, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, KFC Yum! Center, LYLES BBQ, The Fat Lamb.


Jeremiah Chapman – Founder & CEO

Jeremiah has a passion for great tasting food. To create the FreshFry Pod, his inspiration are the food maker and of course the food itself. He is an expert in nanotechnology, adsorption and chemical manufacturing. Jeremiah was among 2015 Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30  for green and tech-savvy thinking.

Jacob Huff – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

A specialist in process development, continuous improvement, manufacturing, and computer-aided design, Jacob has led margin expansion, innovation, new product development, and advanced machining facilities. Jacob is a 2017 Forty Under 40 honoree by Louisville Business First.

Reuse Frying Oil

Freshfry Team|Best Way To Reuse Frying Oil | Image Source-www.twitter.com


Sam Tunget – User Experience & Design

His forte is in creative content, customer service, and outreach. With more than 6 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, he holds a BS in Exercise Science and a BFA in Drawing.

Ben Yates – Sales & Onboarding

Ben joined FreshFry in 2017 with a 12-year experience in Restuarant industry. He sees the sales and marketing and brings a different perspective with his experience in food and beverage industry.

Brian Scantland

Brian sings his 20 years of experience focused on Margin Improvement, Product Development, Operations Excellence, and Supply Chain for brands including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, and most recently Vice President Strategic Planning and Performance Improvement with Long John Silver’s.

Funding and awards:

The company is a LaunchIt graduate, Vogt Award winner, an EnterpriseCorp “HOT” company. (Feb 20, 2017). It has been a part of the pilot Revit Marketing program created by Greater Louisville Inc.

FreshFry was also a Finalist in 2014 Vogt Invention & Innovation Award Community Foundation of Louisville where they found a robust network of real entrepreneur experience.

In December, they were honoured as finalist for 2016 Emerging Business of the Year by Bflouisville.