Experience 7th heaven with 7th Sin Food Truck : Asia’s first all women food truck

By | September 20, 2016

With changing, lifestyle people crave for contemporary innovations. Food truck is one such innovation which has  been emerging out lately. Cooking and serving out of a small truck, people are happily opting this new concept of food on wheels. In India itself, many food trucks have come into existence majorly in the places like Delhi, Bangalore etc.
Presently in the male dominion food industry potential of women is disregarded.

“When men cook food, it’s art… but when women cook, it’s their duty.”
                             -Sridevi as Shashi Godbole in English Vinglish (2012)

7th Sin Food Truck

7th Sin Food Truck Source —->@indiatoday.intoday.in

Breaking such stereotype, ARCHANA SINGH, founder of 7th sin has launched Asia’s first all women food truck. Symbolizing women empowerment this food truck is run by women, from driving to cooking every task is conducted with women.
“Women are known to be hardworking and care a lot about nutrition and food, especially when it comes to their families,” Archana told in an interview.

A well mixture of entrepreneurship and food, we got to know the growth of this budding venture.

Origin of 7th Sin:

Naming the company after the 7th sin in Christianity– gluttony, Archana Singh established this company hitting the streets of Bangalore in august 2016. Having past experience in the corporate world she wanted to do something different, in the interest of people (specifically children). Her enormous love for food and cooking directed her towards this new concept of Food trucks.
“In a city like Bangalore with bad traffic conditions, I thought why not take good food into neighborhoods instead of people venturing out.”
With bloodsucking traffic, she didn’t want people to miss out good food and that’s when 7th Sin came into existence.


7th Sin Food Truck : Power pack Team

7th Women Food Truck Source —->theidealindian.com

Archana Singh,

Founder of 7th Sin do the funding, with a working experience of 5 years with food and children, she launched her flagship Indo continental Bistro Cafe at HUL, Bangalore in January. “Nothing brings people closer than good food”
is what she believes, putting efforts to transcend global food with an Indian twist.

Praveena Pandu, CEO:

The life of 7th Sin manages the whole company. Knowing the nitty-gritty, she calls shots and leaves no stone unturned. Having experience in the field of children’s education, she is a dancer too.

Natasha Patro:

Want some guilt-driven signature desert, then Natasha Patrao is the one. She is one of the chefs of 7th Sins, having a team of girls under her.

Truck Team:

7th Sin has a team of girls with power to whip up any cuisine, these girls from unprivileged/unfortunate background are trained by the house chefs to face the world. Having a baggage of domestic violence and victims of life, some of them are the only bread earner of their family. They can even handle finance.

Central Kitchen staff:

7th Sin has a central kitchen(the headquarter) where the team of chefs, specialists, and people from hospitality background caters food for birthday parties or any other occasion. with alot of work experience. This headquarter can be found at Outer Ringroad, Mahadevpura.

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