Drink It And Eat It-Edible Coffee Cup From KFC

By | September 24, 2016

Ever imagined having  coffee and eating the cup? It may be quite astonishing for some of you. How can we consume the cup that too as a desert? Putting an end to all of our be wilderness KFC is now with its all new edible coffee cup. So it is the time to say goodbye to reusable cups and say Hi to an edible cup. KFC has named  the all-new coffee cup as “Scoff-ee Cup”.

Edible Coffee Cup

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We can say it as a revolutionary product from KFC that too not chicken-based. According to KFC spokeswoman Jocelyn Bynoe “If our customers occasionally like to have their cake and eat it, why wouldn’t they want to have their cup and eat it, instead?”.  They are on a research of developing a new edible packaging material that people can consume and should be feasible.

Three layers constitute the cup. The base material is of biscuit wafer which has a sugar coating and a white chocolate layer lining the inner part. The chocolate has the ability to tolerate the temperature of the coffee and it is of heat resistant type. Softening of the biscuit occurs when there is the melting of the white chocolate layer and it takes place in mouth. The cups not only taste good but also have pleasant aromas like coconut sun cream,wild flowers , freshly cut grass etc. They have infused such aromas into their product in order to attract their customer as per their mood. They make the customers feel fresh by such natural temperaments.

Edible Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup that you can eat!
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KFC is still experimenting with the product in collation with food scientists. It is analyzing the calorie intake and its other health consequences. U.K is the first continent to taste the new product from KFC. It is there on the market in few numbers.The new product is yet to be introduced in other regions of the world. There are also other food companies who are experimenting with such innovative ideas. Companies like Lavazza, an Italian coffee brand has its edible cookie cup. Coolhaus is now selling ice cream sandwiches in potato starch having prints by vegetable ink

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Nowadays the environment is of great concern. Several researchers are doing their best to preserve it.In this situation, this edible coffee cup is a new way to reduce the pollution. We can make it possible by saying no to plastic and reusable cups. It is an eco-friendly product and it doesn’t require any disposal . It has no impact on surrounding.The recent research and development on edible packaging have led a new way to such innovative product design. According to Shilpa Rosenberry, senior director of global consumer strategy, “This type of edible packaging is definitely aligned with the global consumer mindset in terms of sustainability and simplifying their life,” said at Daymon.

So now you must be eager to enjoy the taste of this all new edible cup. Just start dreaming about the chocolaty creamy crispy cup and soon it will be in your hands.

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