Food From Sky? Well That Must Be Delivery Drone!

By | September 13, 2016

When the movie ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ released, I wondered would it even be possible to get real meatballs dropped off from the sky? Not sure of the meatballs but guess we can definitely get other food items to eat. With a remarkable entry of ‘Delivery Drone‘ in the food delivery business a revolution has begun.

What’s Delivery Drone?

Delivery Drone Source----->

Delivery Drone

Well, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles utilized to transport packages, food etc.  But drones in the delivery business, that’s so high class!
Actually, it’s not. Many companies are going for the drone delivery.
Hot sunny day and a thirsty throat, no worries: the delivery drone is here with a can of coke.
Planning to fish in ice-cold, drones are here to deliver beer bottles.

Just like this many companies have hired these UAVs for better and faster service, following are some ventures using this advanced technology in food sector:

1. Tacocopter:

An unmanned drone helicopter shooting a taco from space down at you and your colleagues during lunchtime! This startup boasts a business plan that combines four of the most prominent touchstones of the modern world: tacos, helicopters, robots, and laziness.

 Indeed, the concept behind Tacocopter is very simple, you order tacos on your smartphone and also beam in your GPS location information. Your order and your location are transmitted to an unmanned drone helicopter. The taco copter is then sent out with your food to find you and deliver your tacos to wherever you’re standing. Sadly this was just a concept design and didn’t become reality.

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2. Burrito Bombers:

Burrito Bomber — Inspired from ‘Tacocopter’ Burrito Bomber became the world’s first airborne Mexican food delivery system dropping burritos( A Mexican dish) up from the sky. But how do we get our burritos? It’s just the way a tacocoptor works: ordering, locating, transmitting. Tada! Now you can enjoy you Carne asada.

 Delivery Drone

Buritto bomber delivery  Source —–>

Back in 2012, before the Burrito Bomber could become a commercially-viable product, the FAA( Federal Aviation Administration) put this ‘Darwin Aerospace’s creation’ on hold due to restricted regulations for commercial drones, but according to the recent news the dreams of having a burrito fall from the sky is no longer a dream, approving the commercial deliveries via drone, students of Virginia Tech are enjoying the burritos.

3. Lakemaid Beer:

Going for ice fishing in Minnesota but forgot to bring beverages; no need to worry ’cause this Minnesota-based brewery lakemaid beer would land from sky to your doorstep. This pilot-operated drone cam carries 12 packs a half a mile. Thanks to Lakemaid Beer, we won’t be freezing now and can enjoy fishing.

4. Champagne Drone Drop:

How would you like to have a bottle of champagne offered by a drone?
The Casa Madrona hotel in San Francisco  came up with the unusual flying drinks waiter for guests staying in the $10,000-a-night Alexandria Suite.
When you put in your order, the drone will fly up to the two-tier deck of your suite to drop off their drinks, meaning they won’t be disturbed by staff or need to rummage around looking for a tip.
What a luxury!

5. Domicopter:

With so many startups going for drones how could domino’s be behind everybody?
A small custom-built octocopter made a 10-minute flight through the city of Guildford, outside of London, with this special appearance, it cargo-ed two large pepperoni pizzas.

6. Coke Drones :

Feeling thirsty?
This coke drone would quench your thirst by landing a coke can within your hands. Coke drone was first featured in Singapore for construction workers working far from their homes and families, surprising delivering care packages courtesy of Coca-Cola and the nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement.

7.The i-Tray

A sushi place in London is dispatching a UAV that doesn’t even need to leave the restaurant. Yo Sushi outfitted a quadcopter with a food tray and is having waiters fly it to tables using an iPad.
Calling it the iTray , the waitstaff guides the quadcopter using motion controls on a Wi-Fi-connected iPad. At the same time, two built-in HD cameras allow the staff back in the kitchen to know exactly when a meal has been served.

8. Foodpanda:

Delivery Drone

Flying Foodpanda  Source——>


Whether it’s burrito or coke, Foodpanda would deliver everything you could find to eat. This world’s largest online food delivery platform has planned to roll out the new drone delivery technology throughout all 24 markets covered by Foodpanda, including Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and Malaysia.  In just a few more months, your takeaway will never be stuck in traffic because it’ll be hundreds of feet up in the air on a drone.


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