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How To Make Orange Juice | Production Process With Flow Chart

By | December 25, 2017

The United States Code of Federal Regulations defined orange juice as the “unfermented juice obtained from mature oranges of the species Citrus sinensis or of the citrus hybrid commonly called Ambersweet.” The freshly squeezed juice is highly perishable and thus requires processing for its preservation. In 1944, scientists developed a way to concentrate and freeze the orange… Read More »

Lemongrass Oil Manufacturing – Busniess Plan,Machinery

By | May 13, 2017

Lemongrass oil has a strong lemon-like odour due to high citral content (75-90%). The minimum commercial requirement is 70% citral content. The major quality checking measures are its citral content and its solubility in alcohol. This is an essential ingredient in toiletry products such as toilet soaps, bath salts, etc. It is also employed in… Read More »

How To Open A Microbrewery In India – Complete Business Plan,Machinery Details

By | May 6, 2017

A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique. Lets See How To Open A Microbrewery In India. In India, Microbrewery is not to so… Read More »

Food Startup Ideas With Low Investment That Might Take You In Profit (Part-1)

By | February 21, 2017

Whenever we hear the word startup, what strikes our mind is a group of young web developers working in a 4 by 4 cubicle, brainstorming. Misconceptions indeed. Startups are not just computers but they are more than that.  Startup could be an industry, an outlet, or a website like To put it differently, startups… Read More »

Cashew Nut Plant Project Report

By | January 23, 2017

The demand for cashew nut is gradually increasing, whereas its supply is limited. India is the largest producer, processor, consumer and exporter of cashew nuts in the world. As it is impossible to consume raw cashew and cashew apple, thus, both of them need processing before consumption. Cashew nuts, which is one the famous dry… Read More »

Hulled & Shelled Almond Processing

By | January 17, 2017

Remember the times when you were a kid and mom always used to ask you to munch those crispy almonds, telling the tales of how beneficial they are for your memory. Well that’s for sure, a hell lot of nutritive value appear in those small almonds. But the almonds look way different on the tree… Read More »

Cashew Nut Processing-Untapped,Untouched

By | December 29, 2016

Four centuries ago, the adventurous Portuguese came sailing down the Indian coasts and brought with them the priceless tree nut  “Cashew”. Famous as nature’s vitamin pills, these kidney-shaped nuts have amazing and wonderful nutritional benefits. The cashew industry ranks third in the world production of edible nuts. The major exporters of cashew in the world… Read More »