Cafe Coffee Day Success Story!

By | September 19, 2016

V.G. Siddhartha, an Indian businessman, born in the Chikmangaluru district of Karnataka, is the proud founder and owner of Café Coffee Day.  Being born into a family that had been planting coffee for over 140 years, V.G. Siddhartha  had coffee in his blood. He has completed his Masters of Science in economics from Mangalore University, Karnataka. Having qualities of a naturally born entrepreneur, he had a mysterious ability to sniff out a good deal from every situation.

Cafe Coffee Day Success

Touching Heights Cup by Cup- V.G. Siddhartha Source —->

A collective combination of being restless, quick decision maker and also a diehard hard workaholic sets up a business empire leaving no sector untouched. He has his  retail (Café Coffee Day), financial services (Way2Wealth Securities), venture capital, hospitality, furniture, logistics (SICAL), and land development.

After his masters, he could have easily survived off the 350 acres his family owned but the ambitious him decided to do something on his own! Seeing the confidence of Siddhartha his father offered him Rs. 5 lakhs and also assured him that he can come to his family business in case he fail.

This marks the beginning of the journey, Siddhartha went to Mumbai and joined J.M. Financial services. He was the management intern/trainee for trading in Indian Stock Market. After learning a lot in the world of investing he returned to Banglore  to start his own financial firm. He expresses his gratitude to Kampani for giving him the knowledge that was simply priceless.  Since stock market had crashed he was looking for new investment opportunities and thus began Sivan Securities. He brought a stock market card for Rs.30000 and took over a company called Sivan Securities. The company was later known as Way2wealth Securities Ltd in 2000 and is a successful investment banking and stock broking company.

Cafe Coffee Day Success

Cafe Coffee Day Success Source—–>

Later after having an inspiring talk with the owners of Tchibo, a German coffee chain, gave Siddhartha a completely different outlook to built his billion dollar empire. At first, he started “Amalgamated Bean Coffee” a trading company which export coffee around the world. As a result within a span of just two years ‘ABC’ was India’s largest Coffee exporter. Now for long term survival and dominance in the industry, he thought of having ground outlets of a brand that would create an undissolvable business model. People told him that the idea has no potential and is a waste of time and money. The man with the ability to take risks decided to take the leap and go ahead with it!

Hence in 1994, they set up 20-25 stores across Bangalore and 20 stores across Chennai which only sold coffee powder. Having fewer margins in this business he would need a better option to survive. And now  luck played its part and in 1995, the café culture picked up. He discussed this with his management team and decided to put up cafes across India. He decided to make it a Cyber Cafe with Coffee along with the internet. As in those days, Internet was luxury product limited only to posh places, the idea seems bankable.

Finally with that, in 1996, Cafe Coffee Day was set up.

The word Internet Coffee Cafe went viral and as a result, this becomes first choice for youngsters to hang out.

As of today “Amalgamated Bean Coffee” trading company (ABC) is the  largest producer of Arabica beans in Asia and also exports the same to various countries like the USA, Europe, and Japan. As of March 2015, there are 1530 outlets of Cafe Coffee Day, across 29 states of India. Today, Siddhartha  holds a net worth of $1.09 Billion.

Consequently, Cafe Coffee Day is:

  • Ranked as India’s 2nd most trusted brand in the Food Services segment

    Cafe Coffee Day Success

    Cafe Coffee Day Success

  • Awarded as the ‘NextGen Entrepreneur’ by Forbes (2011)
  • Won the Brand Equity survey by The Economic Times (2008)
  • Awarded as the “Best Coffee Bar” by Times Food Guide (2007 – Delhi)
  • Awarded as the “Best Coffee Shop” by Times Food Guide (2007 – Mumbai)
  • Received the “Awaaz Consumer Awards” (2006)
  • Awarded as the “Entrepreneur of the year” by The Economic Times (2003)

So this was the story of a person who never gave up on his dreams. Hence he proves “A lot can happen over Coffee”

In addition, this man proves where there is a will there’s a way.

Here is a visual depiction of Growth Story Of Cafe Coffee Day By V.G Siddhartha. See the video below,

  Cafe Coffee Day Success

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