Burger Singh: The ‘Desi’ Burger

By | October 1, 2016

Seeking for some lip smacking burgers but don’t know where to find the best burger in town, well here comes BURGER SINGH, a desi twist to a videshi snack. Redefining the burgers in India, Gurgaon-based fast food chain Burger Singh runs under company name ‘Tipping Mr Pink Pvt Ltd’,  born in November 2014, when the winter was coming. Founded by three Urban Indian men, they serve cost effective, big burger with Indian spices & flavours. Let’s scrutinise the story of Burger Singh.

Birth of Burger Singh:

Burger Singh Outlet source---->@www.imgrum.net

Burger Singh Outlet Source—->@www.imgrum.net

How did the desi burger come into existence?
Back in the London when Kabirjeet was pursuing his MBA in London, he used to work at a burger joint to make ends meet. Having access to the kitchen, he started experimenting burgers with Indian spices and flavours. Before long ‘Indianised‘ Burger became popular with Indian students around the neighbourhood.
To testify his innovative invention, he looked at trends and patterns of  Indian fast food market after returning India in 2011. Soon realising the craze for burgers he along with his two friends, Nitin Rana and Rahul Seth started their delicious venture.

We wanted to have fun with this… We began testing these burgers on ourselves, our friends and lucky, random strangers over a year ago and and worked extremely hard to finally get to this place…” said Burger Singh.

Burger Singh’s Souls:

Three childhood friends came along to create a bouquet of divine burgers. With the growth of Burger Singh, the family tree expanded. But the heart cannot be replaced. The life of Burger Singh comprises of:

burgersinghonline-comKabirjeet Singh, Founder:

His father told him that if he didn’t stop chasing tail and get a master’s degree he would end up flipping burgers for a living. Guess this is what destiny wanted, him to be a burger flipper( but a rich one) Before Burger Singh, Kabir worked with The Pint Room as a General Manager and headed their country wide expansion.

burgersinghonline-com1Nitin Rana, Co-founder:

Childhood friend of Kabir, he has a tons of experience in the QSR(Quick Service Restaurant) industry and has worked with brands like Pizza Hut, KFC and TGIF over the past 10 years or so.

burgersinghonline-com2Venom Singh – Head of PR:

Burger Singh is the first startup to have a dog in their PR team. Venom was born in New Delhi on the 3rd of October, 2004. Venom is the first dog in the country to hold a paid position in the QSR industry. When she is not terrorizing rodents, she is in charge of PR. She loves jazz music & is classy as balls!

Burger Singh, the only King!

Burger Singh Source----> @tickereatstheworld.wordpress.com

Burger Singh Source—-> @tickereatstheworld.wordpress.com

You may mistake it with ‘Burger King’, an American fast food giant. Let me tell you, Burger Singh may rhyme with it but it has it’s own idiosyncrasies.
Our names may sound similar but we have a very distinct logo. We have a distinguished identity,” said Singh

A burger wearing a turban can you imagine?
With the most whacky name, this burger joint is giving run for other food outlets’ money.
MNC’s are pushing American burgers down our throats  and no Indian guy was challenging the Americans, that’s when Burger Singh made their hero entry.
Why eat with the videshi king when you can eat Burgers of Burger Singh.
Burger Singh is a Punjabi reply to their American counterpart introducing ‘Indianised Burgers’ at a decent price.

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