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By | November 5, 2016

Coffee, the dark heaven that shines through the morning giving us an energetic boost throughout the day. Coffee rejuvenates the body triggering the brain cells. Furthermore, anti-carcinogenic in nature, coffee also reduces diabetic risks.
In India, predominantly northern region, at every nook and corner we can see heavy tea drinkers lingering. Though India is the 5th largest producer of coffee beans, yet Indians don’t have the knowledge of treasure their land possesses. So to aware Indians about their assets, a Delhi-based couple Matt Chittaranjan and Namrata Asthana launched Blue Tokai Coffee. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is a fantastic online coffee roasting business serving high quality roasted beans.

Matt Chittaranjan and Namrata Asthana Source---->@India Food Network

Matt Chittaranjan and Namrata Asthana Source—->@India Food Network

“My wife and I used to live in Chennai and in south, there is a very strong coffee culture. You can go to any sort of corner shop and get freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee.”

Matt tells about the rich coffee tradition in the south.
Brewed coffee is way better than the  instant coffee you find in the general stores. Freshly roasted beans augment the acidity, aroma, aftertaste and body of the coffee. In contrast with freshly roasted coffee, instant coffee has been roasted weeks back. It goes through a chain of intermediaries before reaching the customer. Instant Coffee is only for the convenience and people who assume coffee to be a commodity.

When we moved to Delhi we couldn’t find anything like freshly roasted coffee. We searched all over and couldn’t find anything so we thought why don’t we do it ourselves.”

Matt tells how they started Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. With a little investigation and visit to farms in the south. They found best coffee beans-Arabica.

After a talk with the growers, they came to know how most of the good quality coffee beans are exported to abroad. So they thought why not make that coffee available here domestically.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Blue Tokai Source—->Facebook

Blue Tokai where ‘Tokai’ is the ancient Malabari word for the tail of a peacock. The name represents the importance of the Malabar region. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters roasts India’s best single estate Arabica, freshly roasted batch by batch, delivers straight to your doorsteps. They have their roasteries in Delhi and Mumbai with a barrister serving coffee.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Roastery Source—->@Facebook

An assumption of Coffee business as a niche market in India, for foreigners or NRIs, was proved wrong when they saw localities migrating from instant coffee to brewed coffee. Within the first year, they were selling their high quality roasted coffee to all parts of the country like Rajasthan, Bihar, MP. People who were constantly drinking instant coffee willingly started drinking brewed coffee.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters


When people switched to brewed coffee, they had a problem in understanding how to make coffee with such roasted beans. So Blue Tokai started having tutorials online and helped their customer to know how exactly to enjoy the coffee in a best possible way.

They even received great response from the wholesale customers, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets.

There is this idea that Italian coffee is the best coffee even though they don’t grow any coffee on their own. They buy Indian beans and roast them and brand them with their Italian brands.”

Matt tells how hotels are appreciating their high-quality beans. They sell the beans at a cheaper rate than the premium Italian coffee.
Many of the flavour and aroma compounds that make coffee delicious are fragile and begin to break down within weeks of roasting. But they do things differently.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Delivery Source—->@Facebook

They roast their coffee fresh on order, twice a week and sent it out to you the next day so to enjoy it fresh.

They use Arabica specialty grade beans, which are the highest-quality coffee beans in the world. These coffee beans must exhibit distinctive attributes in one or more of the following areas: Aroma, Flavor, Acidity, or Body.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Colour, Acidity, Aroma, Body Source—->

Mostly Robusta coffee beans grow in India but the best Robusta beans are inferior in quality to the best Arabica beans.
There is no single taste profile for any coffee. It depends on its growth conditions and the place where is grows.
Their coffee comes from:

  • Kerala: tastes like nutty almost like coconut flavour.
  • Karnataka: 80% of coffee grows the flavours that are all across the board. Associated with African or central American coffee, nice chocolaty finish as well.
  • Tamil Nadu: they work with the farm, they have more earthy flavour.

At the time they are focusing on domestic market, educating people about the quality of coffee grown here.
Internationally, India does not get the recognition they deserve. Blue Tokai is trying their best to showcase how India produces the best quality beans.

Know the story of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters by Matt Chittaranjan:

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