Best Business Ideas For Food Startup – Part 2

By | November 18, 2017

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” – Thomas Edison. Idea can be anything that can be turned into the startup. The word “Startup” has received a lot of attention recently. Startup can be a company designed to grow fast or next door website or it can be any app.The trend of food startups and online grocery has been catching the spotlight lately. Overall, the food startups are using opportunities of changing taste of modern India through its innovative ideas and trying to change the face of food industry. So we bring you the second part of the Best Business Ideas for Food Startup. If you haven’t checked out the first one,check it here.

best business ideas

Best Business Ideas for Food Startup

Here is a list of Best business ideas | food startup ideas having potential market:

1.Cashew-nut Processing –

India is leading producer, processor, consumer & exporter of cashew nuts in the world. Consumption of cashew continues to rise and is expected to continue with positive health reports and beneficial diets. As people like to eat processed nuts than raw cashews, manufacturing different flavors of cashews like salted, roasted and masala can provide lots of profits for the long time.

best business ideas

Cashew Nut Processing | Best Business Ideas

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2.Vinegar Production –

Vinegar is a flavoring agent which gives sour taste to many of the processed foods. It has wide application in food preparation, condiments, preservation, pickle foods, marinades, sauces etc. There are different types of vinegar like apple Cider, Balsamic vinegar, cane vinegar, palm vinegar, fruit vinegar, honey vinegar, coconut vinegar etc. One should be aware of the fermentation process to start vinegar manufacturing unit. It is highly profitable business and also produces very little by-products.
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best business ideas

Vinegar production | Best Business Ideas

3.Ginger oil manufacturing –

Ginger oil has major applications in confectionery, beverages and baked products and in perfumery industry in small scale. Ginger oil has good export and domestic demand due to its various health benefits. The process requires steam distillation unit. It will be a potential venture for the startups.

4.Honey Processing –

Health conscious people wanted to replace sugar with honey in their food. Honey is a natural & unrefined food and consumed in its unprocessed state. Pure and good quality honey has a increasing demand for its use in baking, cooking, as a spread on breads, commercial & alcoholic beverages etc. There is a huge market for it such as food processing industry, ayurvedic industry, domestic & export market.

best business ideas

Honey Procesing | Best Business Ideas | Source –

5.Soy chunk processing –

Soybean is called vegetarian meat, which is rich in proteins and other nutrients. Soy chunks are made from defatted soy flour through extrusion process. Machineries like extruder, industrial mixer and screw conveyor are required for production. There is considerable demand in domestic & international markets as it is a good nutrients source for vegan people.

6.Organic food business –

Committing to healthy eating is a great start towards a healthier life and people have agreed that by choosing organic product. For this one can build alliances with organic food growers for the inventory or one can do it on own. The profit potential for this Eco-friendly business is outstanding because of demand of chemical free fruits & vegetables.

7.Dehydrated onion & onion powder –

Onion is an important cop and found uses in many households throughout the year. As onion is perishable, dehydration increases its storage life and availability in off-seasons. Dehydrated onion has good applications in various food processing industries, hotels & restaurants, caterers, defense & pharmaceutical industries. So, there is a good scope & potential for this business.

8.Potato starch –

Potato starch is premium ingredient in food industries. It is used as a thickener in sauces, gravy, soups & puddings; softening agent in bakery products. It also has major application in paper & textile industries. Because of increasing demand for the processed foods, there will be considerable demand for this.

best business ideas

Lemongrass Oil Manufacturing | Best Business Ideas

9.Lemon grass oil manufacturing –

Essential oil is obtained from lemongrass which grows well in sandy soils and has a life cycle of 6-8 years. It has wide application in food flavors, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, toiletry products; so has a good demand in domestic & international market. As a small scale this business can be started with less than Rs.5 lacks also.
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10. Jaggery processing –

Jaggery is natural, traditional sugarcane based sweetener. India produces more than 70% of the total jaggery of the world, so processing will be alot easier. In jaggery processing different forms of jaggery like solid jaggery, liquid jaggery and granular jaggery can be processed. From nutritional point of view jaggery has significant importance and hence, appears to have bright future & potential market among masses.

So think outside the box, as the future of food startups hold a positive potential and trend will increase in future.

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