5 Ways to Grow Mushroom at Home

By | March 5, 2018

Mushrooms are fairly easy to grow especially if you have the right materials for the job. And if you want to try to grow your own mushrooms at home. There are many different ways which you can achieve it like buying a growing mushrooms kit.But before you get started on growing your own mushrooms at home. There are some basic things that you need to consider. And this includes the growing process of your mushroom and the kinds of equipment that you’ll need.Some basic facts that you need to know are that mushrooms grow from spores. Spores are small pigments that are invisible the naked eye. This is where everything from growing you’re revolves around. So read carefully the tips on how to grow mushroom at home properly.

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How do Mushrooms Grow

Mushrooms need a catalyst in order for it to grow. And each catalyst could grow a different variety of mushroom. These catalyst forms a substance called spawn and this spawn helps the mushroom grow. Spawn helps the formation of mycelium. A white rootlike substance that creates the process of growing mushrooms.

Some notable catalysts that you can grow mushrooms in are compost, straw, and wood logs. Mushrooms like shiitakes need wood logs or sawdust to grow on. Button mushrooms need compost, and oyster mushrooms need straw as a catalyst to grow.

Generally, mushrooms grow from 3 to 4 weeks of growing. When the spawn grows upward into a mushroom this is a sign that a mushroom is already forming. You will know when a mushroom is ready to be harvested when the mycelium breaks.

Ways to Grow Mushroom at Home

Now that you have a general idea of how mushrooms grow. It’s time to know how to grow mushrooms in the comfort of your home. In this article, I will be teaching you 5 easy ways on how you can grow mushrooms.

  • Grow It In your Basement

One of the easiest ways to grow mushrooms is in your basement. For mushrooms to grow, they need a dark and humid environment. This is why if you’re planning to grow mushrooms at home, the basement is the preferred place to let it grow.

For mushrooms to grow, they must stay away from direct sunlight. Although some mushrooms can tolerate light, most of them need a cool and dark place in order to grow. Choose the kind of mushroom that can be easily grown in this kind of environment.

Mushroom types which can grow in this kind of environment include the brown and white button. This kind of mushroom is perfect for those who are just starting to grow their first mushroom.

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  • Buy Growing Mushroom Kits

Growing mushroom kits is the best choice for beginners. These mushroom kits are packed with a catalyst that can generate mushroom spawns. It’s fairly easy to use and easy to understand how to grow mushrooms if you have the kit.

Buying a mushroom growing kit will also improve your knowledge of mushroom growing. Some growing kits have a detailed instruction on how to grow a certain type of mushroom. Choose the ones that you feel will benefit you the most.

What makes this method stand out is that you can choose the type of mushroom that you want to grow. Growing mushroom kits have a wide variety of choices that you can use to grow your mushrooms. You can even grow a lot of varieties in your own home by just following a few steps.

  • Grow it in Logs

Most mushrooms can be grown on dead logs or bark of trees. This is because mushrooms prefer to grow in the dark where it is moist and damp. Growing it in logs is the perfect location to grow mushrooms like shiitake, oyster, and Reishi.

You can grow mushrooms on decaying logs or on healthy freshly cut logs. The log should be kept moist for better propagation of the mushroom spawns. And, the length of the log should be enough to cover or to support mushroom life.

In preparation for growing mushrooms on decomposing logs. You’ll need to drill holes in the log in order to make a place where the mushrooms will grow. For better results, measure each hole and equally distribute it. So that the whole log will be covered with holes.

  • Growing it on Compost

Ideal for those who are looking to grow mushrooms indoors. This method uses your common household materials. Like containers such as bags, trays, and jars. The preparation in this kind of growing method is easy.

What you’ll need for this project is a mixture of compost and manure that’s just the right pH level for mushroom growth. You can produce your own blend of compost for your mushrooms to grow. It’s fairly easy to make because you can search it online.

In using compost as a base for growing mushrooms, remember to always keep it damp and humid. This will fasten the growth of the mushrooms that you’ll be growing. Some notable varieties that you can grow by using this method. Are your button mushrooms, brown cap, and chestnut.

  • Growing it on Straw

In growing it on straw, you can either make your own pasteurized straw or buy it in your local stores. Growing mushrooms on straw is another method that you can try to grow mushrooms in your home. By using a wood chipper you can make your own fresh batch of straw.

The process of growing mushroom on straw is fairly simple. You’ll have to sterilize the straw first then solute it in a mixture of compost and manure. You can do this by heating then cooling the straw first before you place the compost.

Some prefer to use this method because you can combine it with manure and compost to grow mushrooms. There are different varieties of mushrooms that you can grow by using this method. Some notable varieties that can be grown include your shiitake and oyster mushroom.

5 Ways To Grow Mushrooms At Home | Source-www.shutterstock.com

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There are many ways that you can grow your mushrooms at home. Choose the ones that you find easy and stick with it. Also, choose the variety of mushroom that you feel that will benefit you in the long run. Remember, mushrooms take 4 to 5 weeks to grow so be patient.

To recap everything that you’ve read, here are the 5 ways you can grow mushroom at home.

  • Use Growing mushroom kits.
  • Grow it in your basement.
  • Grow it on straw,compost or logs.

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