5 Reasons Why Jam Is Not Setting!- Fruit Jam Problems

By | April 16, 2018

We all have had bread jam in our breakfast. Some of us have carried it in our tiffins to school or some of us like to have it with plain paranthas. Bizarre! Some of us have tried making jam in our home but have occurred one common problem, it doesn’t set properly. Let us have a look what are the reasons behind Why Jam Is Not Setting.

Why Jam Is Not Setting

5 Reasons Why Jam Is Not Setting | Discoverfoodtech.com

Jam is made up of the pulp of a particular fruit or a combination in case of mixed fruit jam. Boiling the pulp releases the pectin (a type of carbohydrate found in peels) from the fruit and appropriate amount of sugar and acid helps in forming a stable gel network.

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Why Jam Is Not Setting?

The science says sugar with the pectin in fruit or commercial pectin helps pectin precipitating out and form insoluble fibers. An acid, such as lemon juice or citric acid, facilitates the process. The insoluble fibers form a mesh-like structure that traps the fruit juice or other liquid, just like a sponge absorbs water. This enables a gel to form. Here are a few possible reasons why the jam is not able to set:

  • There was not enough pectin available during the cooking process.
  • You may have overcooked the fruit while extracting the juice or used too much water in this part of the process.
  • You may not have measured the ingredients accurately.
  • You may not have cooked the jam quite long enough.
  • You may have moved the jam before it had a chance to set up in the jar.

So it’s important to follow a tried and tested recipe. Not to use over ripened fruit’s pulp as pectin content is lower. And provide sufficient and accurate cooking time.