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Priya Varshney, a twenty year old pursuing her passion through blogging. An engineer in the making, she loves to read and write in her spare time. This creative mind loves to socialise and explore new things. For her, words can have a heavy significance in someone's life, with this platform she wants to apply her theories and spread her knowledge to make this world a better place.

Amazing Secrets of Food Psychology!

By | April 9, 2018

When life goes wrong, it is food that comes to your rescue. Food which is giving you a sudden sense of pleasure. When you take a bite of your cheeseburger or get enveloped by the aroma of oranges, it hits your brain. The immense taste of the ingredients dissolving in the mouth gives a rush… Read More »

Right Way To Reuse Frying Oil – Extend Shelf Life Of Frying Oil

By | March 23, 2018

Who does not love chips or doughnuts or french fries or onion rings? Indeed, everyone savours these crisp delicacies with tender, juicy inside. Frying, deep or shallow imparts various sensory upgrades in food and adds value to it. But, frying is tricky, it enhances the sensory qualities only when the food is dipped in fresh… Read More »

Challenges Faced By Food And Beverage Industries

By | March 18, 2018

From pleasing the customers to maintaining the supply chain, challenges are heaping over the food and beverage companies one by one. With another year adjoining the proliferation of food industry, more problems are getting added to the list.So let’s have a look at Problems Faced By Food Industry. Here are some challenges which are nagging… Read More »

This Startup Uses Mushroom For Packaging | Eco Friendly Packaging |

By | February 10, 2018

Imagine what our planet would look like in a thousand years, a planet where plastic surrounds us. There are various cons of plastics. The synthetic materials like plastic require huge amount of energy to create. Also, plastic has disposal issues. Furthermore, they are slowly poisoning our planet.Thus, with a mission to eradicate, this entrepreneur, Eben… Read More »

Are You Ready For Some Not So Sweet – Sugar Free Potatoes

By | January 29, 2018

Potatoes have become a part and parcel of every human being. Be it a packet of chips or homemade mashed potatoes, potatoes can be found everywhere. Potatoes are the energy house. They consists of reducing sugars and complex carbohydrates. Usually, too sugary potatoes get rejected due to their brown colour and extremely sweet taste. If… Read More »

Food Startup Ideas With Low Investment That Might Take You In Profit (Part-1)

By | February 21, 2017

Whenever we hear the word startup, what strikes our mind is a group of young web developers working in a 4 by 4 cubicle, brainstorming. Misconceptions indeed. Startups are not just computers but they are more than that.  Startup could be an industry, an outlet, or a website like To put it differently, startups… Read More »

How Is Tequila Made – Mexican Wonder!

By | February 4, 2017

What comes in your mind when you hear the word Tequila? Shots? The sharp ting burn after a suck at lemon and salt? Is that all? In case you think this is all then you are mistaken. Indeed Tequila has a rich history just like the favourite Bourbon family. Explicitly, Tequila comes from a town… Read More »

Hulled & Shelled Almond Processing

By | January 17, 2017

Remember the times when you were a kid and mom always used to ask you to munch those crispy almonds, telling the tales of how beneficial they are for your memory. Well that’s for sure, a hell lot of nutritive value appear in those small almonds. But the almonds look way different on the tree… Read More »

Want To Reduce Food Wastage? Check Out These Startups

By | November 9, 2016

The population is increasing to an alarming rate, but the resources are limited. People are dying of starvation but zilch is what government offers in reality. Did you know, 3rd of the food produced in the world goes to landfills(food wastage), i.e. approximately 1.3 billion tonnes? Moreover, almost 1 billion people have nothing to feed… Read More »

Innovative FMCG Products revolutionising Indian Market

By | November 9, 2016

Does it happen to you? You go to the store buying something else and get different things instead. In a mall, you see variant food and drinks, yet you choose the one which appeals you the most. In the first place, you go by the packaging, the colors, and the design without even giving a… Read More »