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Freeze Drying Process – Definition,Principle Explained With Flow Chart

By | February 26, 2018

The ultimate aim of food preservation is to prevent it  from spoiling.Spoiling can be due to either the microbial growth or due to fats turning rancid. There are number of techniques used for preservation of food such as canning,pickling,drying,freeze drying,irradiation,pasteurization and many more.Drying is the ancient method for food preservation which refers to the removal… Read More »

Complete Overview Of Aseptic Packaging

By | February 22, 2018

A package is the “face” of product contained inside and often is only product exposure that consumers experience prior to purchase.Generally,we have seen that efficient packaging boosts the sales in market.But have you ever thought what is this packaging all about,what is the need of it and why the food companies are much more concerned… Read More »